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Synonyms for gazebo


Synonyms for gazebo

a small roofed building affording shade and rest

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On certain evenings, the garden remains open for The 12 Days at Night displaying the illuminated gazebos for magical viewings.
Although residents were irked by Kankakee's lowly ranking and the buzz it got, many grew to appreciate the gazebos.
In the formal gardens at the Greek Revival-style Governor's Mansion in Jackson, there are two handsome octagonal gazebos with bell-shaped copper roofs.
Whether it's a gazebo or a greenhouse, a new garden building can transform your outdoor space.
However, the Church's edict makes no mention of paedophile priests being just as unwelcome as a guitar or a gazebo.
Gazebos offer a wonderful perch for savouring your outdoor environment.
Not only do they have the gazebos, but a soft area where they can sit and play with their friends.
Kmart sells a wide selection of gazebos, screen enclosures and arbors, many of which are available only online.
When I look at those skids I see gazebos or picnic tables or lawn furniture as opposed to piles and stacks of two by fours and two by six's ," says Canfield.
The Cambridge Classic is an addition to the company's Tiffany line of gazebos.
The improvements will also add six gazebos, six picnic tables, six barbecue pits and an information station.
As applied to garden spaces, these elements include: paths (channels for moving people through the space); edges (boundaries, barriers, or seams that enclose the space or join parts together); districts (sections of the space that are recognizable as having a unique identifying character); nodes (junctions or foci to and from which people travel--they are usually places of intense activity); and landmarks (reference points, such as gazebos, fountains, etc.
Among the additions to the garden will be a pavilion, a lake, three gazebos, flower beds and trees.
Mr Cook said the legacy would now be put towards plans to re-create the pavilions, gateways and gazebos, together with a stone obelisk and a circular pool.