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any plant of the genus Gazania valued for their showy daisy flowers

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n Underplant large, foliage plants such as cannas with smaller flowering species like dahliettas and gazanias.
If you have a heated greenhouse, or just a warm windowsill, March is the perfect month to be sowing seeds of slow-growing, tender bedding plants such as begonias and gazanias.
Gazanias are ace dampers off, but the all-time champion is the desirable zinnia family.
We have already mentioned geraniums and heathers (Pelargonium, Erica), but there are also gazanias and agapanthus (Gazania, Agapanthus), commonly planted in masses in flower beds, and gladioli and calla lilies (Gladiolus, Zantedeschia aethiopica), two of the most important cut flowers, although the horticultural varieties are quite distinct from their wild Cape ancestors.
Use a heated propagator to sow halfhardy annuals and other bedding plants including antirrhinums, African marigolds, Begonia semperflorens, gazanias and lobelias.
Patio pots are best filled with drought-resistant sun-lovers such as pelargoniums and gazanias in bold colours.
Then there are those perennials gardeners are advised to treat as annuals such as Chrysanthemums, Nicotiana, Cosmos astrosanguineus (the Chocolate Flower), Gazanias, some of the South African daisies, even Osteospermums.
Starting in the 1960s and for about 20 years after that, gazanias were the kings of ground cover in our part of the world.
APetunias, gazanias, Livingston daises and cosmos thrive in hot, dry sites
The shaggy flowers of bergamot hit you in the eye with their crimson and mauve heads, the lilies bowl you over with fragrance and the gazanias just send you off to the tropics.
This week, I've been busy taking cuttings of fuchsias, geraniums, gazanias, verbenas, abutilons and heliotropes.
It's the same with their close cousins, the gazanias, with orange or yellow flowers as bright as parrots.
A GOOD choice for containers on a sunny patio, gazanias will last a couple of weeks or so without watering.
South African ground covers and bedding plants, including gazanias, iceplants and geraniums, are most often undermined by overwatering.