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When he calls Governor Jim McGreevey 'the Gay-vernor,' well, that just funny -- and savvy viewers know he's really just making fun of how the media played up McGreevy's gayness.
Dominance' is a composite of duration and density, and refers to the extent to which a significant attribute, like gayness, 'occupies one's whole self' (28).
On the other hand, the movement has influenced me a great deal and over time I have also internalized many of the aspects of a contemporary conception of gayness.
While most religions have a poor track record in supporting gays and lesbians, a number of gay men who dance feel that their gayness and artistry are part of their spiritual path.
And if you are not interested in gayness then you ain't going to be forced to join in.
Indeed, if you want to scare kids away from a life of homosexuality, what better way to do that than to force them to read about gayness reduced to the same dull and lifeless descriptions as are used for U.
Yet, although making the school community a truly Christian environment is a crucial goal of the resource guide, he wants us to know (unlike Arbour and Blackburn who want gayness "affirmed" and "accepted") that unless the dangers concerning homosexual inclination and practice are faced and accompany the Church's sound pastoral teaching and guidance, we will not succeed in meeting the needs of these students.
The normalization of gayness has not been categorical by any means, and indeed certain categories within the homosexual matrix have become the targets of intense scrutiny.
Gone are the fears of yesteryear that gayness was contagious, that somehow exposure to--much less being dressed and accessorized by--gay men might compromise a straight man's heterosexuality.
In other words, the issue isn't one of gender or gayness, it's of age and, as such, isn't too difficult to deal with.
To truly live the gift of my gayness, I need to take a step back from this outer preoccupation to connect with something deeper.
The movie wastes no time establishing that the characters' actual gayness is no big deal.
Nearly every joke depends on references to gayness.
And that's a genuine exception in an entertainment universe where the rule is to regard gayness as a gimmick to jerk audience laughs of tears.
First, it's rare to see anything written on why gayness exists, especially something that imagines the evolutionary development of homosexuality stemming from pre-human, primate sources.