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Sorting them gayly in less than a minute, she approached the breakfast-table with both hands full, and delivered the letters all round with the business-like rapidity of a London postman.
And while she gayly sung, the little weavers spun their silken threads, the flies on glittering wings flew lovingly above her head, and over all the golden light shone softly down.
Never had the Maypole been so gayly decked as at sunset on midsummer eve.
The free trappers, being newly rigged out and supplied, were in high spirits, and swaggered gayly about the camp.
Osgood, when I inquire for his daughter," cried Seymour gayly.
The prairies bordering on the river were gayly painted with innumerable flowers, exhibiting the motley confusion of colors of a Turkey carpet.
But they pass him by, chatting gayly to one another, and he cannot stay them.
I lunged gayly with my stick at a lamp-post and missed it, whereat a street-urchin grinned, and I winked at him and slipped twopence down his back.
I asked her if she thought she could brave the ascent, and she laughed gayly in my face.
But they were not standing in line, or carrying muskets, but talking together so gayly that Cornelius felt almost shocked.
They stood in long black lines, waiting before the pit entrances of the theatres-- short-coated boys, and girls in sailor hats, all shivering and chatting gayly.
The trap-door on which the doctor had been standing, and on which he had descended, closed up with a bang at the same moment; and a friendly voice from the lower regions called out gayly, "Good-by
Now that your arm is in its right place, reverend sir," she gayly resumes, "I may admit that there are exceptions to all rules.
In the trees, the birds sang gayly among the rustling leaves.
The first object that caught my eye was the gayly painted boat, once mine, in which Mary and I had so often sailed together.