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ox of southeast Asia sometimes considered a domesticated breed of the gaur

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The output at K = 2 seems plausible; it clearly distinguished the gayal from B.
In this study, we estimated genetic diversity and population structure of Bangladeshi zebu cattle populations and the semi-domesticated gayal breed by using a high-density SNP genotyping chip recently developed from indicine cattle.
05) in the gayal population, whereas the total number of monomorphic SNP makers was 3364 in the zebu population (Table 3).
The PCA results clustered the RC and ND as one population, whereas the gayal population was observed as a separate cluster (Figure 1).
Reproductive potentials of gayal (Bos frontalis) under semi-intensive management.
However, very limited information on the biology of gayals is available.
Gayals abounded in the hill districts of Bangladesh but their number has diminished sharply due to human intervention.
Study on the growth pattern of gayals (Bos frontalis) and their crossbred calves.
On the other hand, gaur (Bos gaurus) is the tallest and the largest extant wild bovine which is called Indian bison and that the semi-domesticated gayal (Bos frontalis) is very much related with the gaur (Giasuddin et al.
The gayal belongs to the family Bovidae, tribe Bovini, group Bovina, genus Bos and species Bos frontalis.
Cyt b gene entire sequences (1,140 bp) of 11 gayals were edited and aligned with reference to the Cyt b sequence of the domestic cow (Bos taurus) (Accession No.
Nucleotide composition of Cyt b entire sequences of gayals
After being sequenced and aligned, a 1,140 bp fragment including the entire mitochondrial Cyt b gene was obtained in all 11 gayals.
Nucleotide variations of Cyt b entire sequences of gayals
00697, respectively, showing abundant mitochondrial genetic diversity in gayals.