gay liberation movement

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the movement aimed at liberating homosexuals from legal or social or economic oppression

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Both the gay liberation movement and the women's movement provided social support and a social context that countered the homophobia of the previous fifty years.
The French student rebellion became a worldwide phenomenon, and protests erupted from Paris to Mexico City and from Berlin to Cairo--then in 1969, it was the incendiary year in Greenwich Village, the epicenter for the birth of the modern gay liberation movement.
Stonewall became an overnight symbol but could easily have faded as new events unfolded in the Gay Liberation movement.
In American Social Movements: Gay Rights Movement, Jennifer Smith described it as "one of the most enduring documents to emerge from the modern gay liberation movement.
It's no wonder gay mysteries date back practically to the beginning of the gay liberation movement, with George Baxt's 1966 A Queer Kind of Death.
There's also a pleasing are to the book: thumbing through it, one gets the sense of a gentle reflection on the gay liberation movement itself.
1964 Christopher Isherwood's A Single Man predates the gay liberation movement in presenting homosexuality as a human variation worth fighting for--a literary precedent that will inspire other writers in the coming decade.
I WROTE Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation after six months of living in New York City over the winter of 1970-71, when I was lucky enough to become part of the emerging gay liberation movement, and to work for a time on the newspaper Come Out
The give-and-take freedom of the early Gay Liberation movement has been replaced by the lock-and-load fear of the late Gay Market.
Gutierrez points out that the berdache has often been appropriated by the gay liberation movement as a queer-positive icon embraced by many indigenous communities.
The Ladder was the national backbone of DOB and bared the group's political struggles as the polite homophile era increasingly gave way to angrier gay liberation movement of the 60's and 70's.
And while no one disputes the role of Stonewall as the symbolic start of the gay liberation movement, the event we still celebrate every year in June, the facts themselves are very much in dispute.
And, finally, gay conservatives reject what they consider the sexual license of the Gay Liberation movement and urge gays to restrain their erotic behavior.
The lie is that gays and lesbians have been fully united since the onset of the gay liberation movement right through today; that, despite many minor disagreements, in general we've always played nicely together.
Synopsis: During the summer of 1969, Elliot Tiber helped start the gay liberation movement and saved the Woodstock Festival from cancellation.