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look with amazement

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FEEDING CURIOSITY Pair at table STROLL Madge and Jesus CAUSING A COMMOTION Gawping crowd
THIS is the sort of programme that you think you'll try out for five minutes and then find yourself still silently gawping at in wonder 90 minutes later, your tea gone cold on your lap.
Because loads of them have been sitting at home gawping at daytime telly for weeks on end.
THE Queen has banned her starstruck staff from gawping at celebrities when they are honoured at Royal ceremonies.
Fellow-guests at the pounds 600-a-night Hilton Waikoloa Hotel could not stop gawping at the network of bulging veins on Clint's left leg.
From what I saw, she just stood around gawping at people, pouting a bit and bouncing the odd time.
At one point security staff had to move on a group of young men who were gawping as a body with the face uncovered was stretchered inside the mortuary near Glasgow Green.
The level of depth and detail on offer is nothing short of extraordinary - you'll explore Liberty City like a gawping tourist on your first few attempts.
The devious plot was to be the best dressed bloke there, be able to stand around smoking, drinking, gawping at women and telling naff jokes that everyone always laughs at.
Gawping at the tragedy Jacques Louvet was run over by a bus.
The depth and detail on offer is extraordinary - you'll explore Liberty City like a gawping tourist on your first few tries.
The host of Supermarket Sweep, in which contestants race around cramming their trolleys with goods, says he is cheesed off with customers gawping at him as he shops.
To have someone going along to gawp for the sake of gawping, I would not have allowed it.
And when one slapped a ticket on this pounds 800,000 Bugatti Veyron the smile on her face was mirrored by the grins of a gawping crowd.
Others still insist the former cricket-playing love machine Was merely reverting to type and gawping at her breasts.