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look with amazement

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1994 - The Prince of Wallies bared his soul for Father O'Dimbleby and the massed gawpers and sniggerers of armchair Britain, a half-naked man landed on the roof of Buckingham Palace using a motorised parachute and an entirely naked cad landed on your breakfast table when we revealed Di-man James Hewitt as Turkey of the Year.
It is where 45,000 party faithful, politicos, pundits and gawpers will, for a week, be members of a Mile High Club.
His hackles are also raised by luxe bars, theme bars, faceless McLounge bars, deafening DJs in bars, wrongly-used apostrophes and mobile phone gawpers.
It's like something from an earthquake zone," gasps one of the gawpers and oglers who have come to pry into this pitiful scene.
Perhaps the Bearwood gawpers were a bit of a nuisance' the place could feel rather exposed on its suburban corner just off the high street.
He passionately French-kissed a dusky brunette at a discreet corner table, while grim-faced staff blocked the view of unwelcome gawpers.
The giant 10-foot by 17-foot digital clock in downtown Akron, Ohio, certainly caught the eye - but why were the gawpers sniggering?
ON LADIES' DAY at Royal Ascot, men are the gawpers, women the gawpees.
Rather than the alcofrolic stag parties that Berliners have learned to put up with or the Red Light Zone gawpers that plague Amsterdam, Scotland's oldest living occupant's irritant will come in the form of modern technology.
If I'd been Stephanie, I'd sooner have stuck pins in my eyes than spend my life gyrating for gawpers, but it takes all sorts.
Thank God it was quick and I could power myself away from the many gawpers, pointers and teasing gesticulations the Streetka attracted.
A club's flirt with naked dancing ended with revellers being outnumbered by gawpers.