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  • verb

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look with amazement

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NOT sure why anyone would want to gawp at a photo of Princess Diana dying.
The guards patrol during the dancers' lessons at a community centre after youngsters - some no older than seven - climbed an 80ft-high glass roof to gawp at the women.
Onlookers couldn't help but gawp, as she sauntered into MTV's studios in Times Square to record an appearance for TRL.
And it won't just be something to gawp at in transit Gloria.
IF you're brave enough to dare a glimpse at the outrageous Lexus LFA supercar, get to London's Park Lane, where the Lexus dealer has one of the pounds 340,000 supercars to gawp at.
In the story Georgie has not left the house for 23 years but his agent is desperate for him to stay huge so he can cash in on the hordes who come to gawp at the "eighth wonder of the world".
Drivers stopped to gawp as she struck a pose for a fashion shoot in upmarket Rodeo Drive,Beverly Hills.
But are they really the parts of the body which interest hordes of women who come to gawp at them when they get their kit off?
Drivers are slamming on the brakes, creating tailbacks, to gawp at the picture hanging in the window of an art gallery.
There are shops and Italian restaurants and a few Ferrari cars to gawp at.
As the Prince settled down to watch England fight back to gain a 32-31 victory over Australia, the bemused crowds couldn't help but gawp at his new hair-do.
SO it's sour grapes that keeps Scots from parting with the cost of trekking the family all the way to Greenwich to gawp at the Millennium Dome.
As Peggy (Barbara Windsor) gawps in horror while cheering men gawp in delight, Sam peels off her clothes down to a skimpy pink bra.
Last weekend, the world's tourists flocked to Windsor to gawp at a piece of history.
Gawp Blimey Bill's antics have left Hillary open-mouthed so often.