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Synonyms for gawk



Synonyms for gawk

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

to look intently and fixedly

Synonyms for gawk

an awkward stupid person

look with amazement

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Vasavan said his party was "completely against" the gawking fee, and warned that stringent measures would be taken against those who demanded gawking fees.
Antony became the latest victim of the gawking fee when members of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions thrashed him after he refused to pay them as he had unloaded the sacks of cement meant for the construction of his house himself.
Gawking should be part of the game plan during a late-afternoon round at Tierra Rejada.
A NEW SIDE ENTRANCE eliminates a lot of gawking at incoming patrons from certain boulevard patio tables in the remodeled version of Le Dome, shuttered for most of this year.
They might have been distracted by the view, which can leave visitors gawking, especially with snow on the backdrop High Sierra contrasting against those chocolate-colored hills.
Some 175,000 people attended the base's air show and open house, watching aerial demonstrations and parachute jumps and gawking at planes ranging from World War II models to those representing the Air Force's future.
Oh, and for those who enjoy the simple pleasures of gawking, you won't find a better selection of eye-pleasing female fans anywhere else.
But he knows how visitors can find themselves constantly gawking at the wildlife on the par-70, 5,732-yard layout, which has a course rating of 67.
said an incredulous Jack Leavitt, 56, of Venice Beach, gawking at a red Falcon roadster with a blown Chevy V-8 standing two stories above the hood.
was there for the gawking Monday, along the downtown parade route.
He leaves the gasping, gawking and ``I can't believe that'' for others.
Eight members of the Santa Clarita Community Center's Future Leaders youth group were selected for the limo ride and dinner at Hamburger Hamlet, a treat that had both students and parents at Placerita Junior High gawking at the luxury wheels.
These are pure gold,'' Doyle said, showing off his handfuls of tickets to the assembled TV cameras and gawking passers-by.
Gawking at the scene by drivers on the northbound side of the freeway led to a rear-end collision, Humphrey said.
At Vanity Fair's Oscar party in West Hollywood last year, Morton's restaurant became so choked with people - balding billionaires, actresses with plunging necklines and silicone-enhanced poitrines, studio heads and their entourages, gawking advertisers trying to look nonchalant and the ephemeral characters who circumnavigate Hollywood society - that at midnight the Los Angeles fire marshals stormed in and took action.