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the carriage of someone whose movements and posture are extremely ungainly and inelegant

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That gawkiness soon vanished, replaced by an elegance and assurance that will once again pull in the audiences during a tour that brings her to St David's Hall in Cardiff and to the North Wales Theatre in Llandudno next month.
Nagasawa creates a vibrant young woman who is indeed unforgettable, while Moriyama leavens Saku's wonder and grief with a clueless gawkiness that is quite endearing.
The passage is easily recognizable as the transposition of gestures pioneered by the likes of Rimbaud, Breton, or Cocteau into a contemporary American idiom (though we should also note the "overpolitely," the mark of a signature American gawkiness that runs throughout Clark's writing).
And be surprised at my color, my kinky hair, my gawkiness.
Having totally remodelled his once inelegant style, he has swapped that gawkiness for smooth finesse and now looks the finished article.
Although the bottle-blond teenager is still prone to lapse into Bambi on ice gawkiness and sometimes displays a glaring lack of positional intuition, he is clearly a talent of rich potential.
There is a gawkiness to Le Dressay's diction, and this is not at all meant as a criticism.
But that gawkiness, or innocence if you will, is part of the world of hope that's summed up in the final shot-a world of hunger satisfied, love ventured, women emerging into the light.
Her would-be Pavlova has the touching gawkiness of a ten-year-old; part clown, part Barbie doll, she spins and falls and does little ballet steps, weaving in and out of a beam of white, star-making light (by David Fritz and Jay Ryan).
Their parallel dual sexualities suggest their correspondent natures: Silas's decadent, continental, aristocratic sensibilities; his ghostly, feminized dress, hands, manner, and exotic invalidism; and his opium addiction resonate, if hallucinogenically, with the stereotypical features that associate the governess with vulgar, lower-class masculinity, such as her gawkiness, alcoholism, theatrical exposures of bald head and gnarled bare feet, and her predatory behavior, including pimping.
She arrived in the Washington fishbowl three years ago with a Forth Bridge of braces in her mouth and the gawkiness of a girl in her first teenage year.
The staged gawkiness of Schiele's naked bodies--ready for sex or painful self-reflection--not only fit perfectly into the world of Klimt and Freud, but offer a Janus-faced mirror of Viennese art, looking backward to the grimacing busts of Messerschmidt and forward to the kinky body-art performances of Nitsch.
Tevye's eldest daughter, Tzeitel, is played by Sally Murphy with a slight gawkiness to match that of her quivering wreck of a fiance, Motel.
Its gawkiness and occasionally self-indulgent miscalculations can cause embarrassment when purveyed by more sophisticated performers who ought to be devoting themselves to higher things, but the refreshing enthusiasm of fresh-faced youngsters gives the enterprise an endearing charm.
Lyndhurst's lanky figure and slight air of gloomy, washed-out gawkiness suggests he won't mature into a conventional older leading man - and a role as Uriah Heep in David Copperfield showed a possible talent for the grotesque.