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a spectator who stares stupidly without intelligent awareness

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But other Gawker gawkers are skeptical about whether the site can break anything substantial beyond leaked internal e-mail or IM exchanges from, say, Viacom.
Nick Denton, the founder and chief executive of Gawker, had taken a neutral position on the vote and afterward told the Times, "The creative workers of the Internet are a force.
In his suit, the Django Unchained director claimed Gawker had "crossed the journalistic line" when it leaked the unfilmed script.
Some of them suggesting Gawker "take a chill pill" and others who claimed to be Asian themselves say they find it hilarious and not offensive.
The attack on Gawker was carried out over the weekend by an organisation calling itself Gnosis.
Add to this the 12 blogs run by Gawker Media's Nick Denton (who made a bushel during the last dot-com boom) and the 75 managed by Weblogs Inc.
com and managing editor of Gawker Media, and representatives from Google, Yahoo
com), the world's largest web publisher rep firm, announced today that it has been selected to exclusively represent the online ad inventory for Gawker Media (www.
In other media-union news, the Writers Guild of America East, said it would hold a vote at The Gawker Media Group of New York City also on Wednesday to determine if staff wishes to be represented by the union.
According to Gawker, they were tipped off about the video and told what website to find it on, News.
Jim Bartus, Director of Tech Operations at Gawker Media, said "Gawker uses Ansible to automate deployment for the Kinja platform, powering sites such as jalopnik.
A former student has filed suit against Trump University, claiming she was conned into spending $60,000 on useless seminars at the unaccredited vocational school, according to Gawker.
Grevilleas will not impress the drive-by garden gawker.
Quattro Will Act as Worldwide Sales Agent for All Ad-Based Gawker Sites Including Lifehacker and Gizmodo