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Synonyms for gawk



Synonyms for gawk

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

to look intently and fixedly

Synonyms for gawk

an awkward stupid person

look with amazement

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Passing motorists gawked as the veterans, some in uniforms adorned with medals and with rifles over their shoulders, marched in a short parade along a side street.
While many people complained about the intrusion, they still stood and gawked.
Construction workers gawked and yelled their approval Monday as actress Sophia Loren christened the city's latest megaresort, a $1.
Residents in the 14600 block of Morrison Street where Tabatabai lives peeked out windows and gawked as federal agents packed boxes into a white moving van.
Motorists stuck in traffic Wednesday on Pacific Coast Highway at Las Flores Boulevard gawked as a helicopter emerged from behind the bluffs hauling huge, 25-by-100-foot mesh wire panels.
News choppers hovered overhead, and down below in the parking lot of Duke's Barefoot Bar, tourists gawked, furiously snapping photographs of a sight they could not comprehend.
Of course, this being Disney World, many were on display for tourists while they were working, coloring in backdrops in glass cubicles as tourists gawked.
Journalists gawked briefly at sculptures and medieval manuscripts.
While motorists tried to deal with the poor driving conditions, traffic was stopped in parts of the west San Fernando Valley late afternoon as commuters gawked at a rare double rainbow.
For their part, retailers cruising the myriad aisles on the first day of the annual Consumer Electronics Show gawked at the futuristic innovations and tried to envision whether store customers would buy them.