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Synonyms for gawk



Synonyms for gawk

a large, ungainly, and dull-witted person

to look intently and fixedly

Synonyms for gawk

an awkward stupid person

look with amazement

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Gawk recently announced that it has compiled USD 26m in credit facilities from both Southridge Advisors II LLC and from HEFFX, a Singapore-based Capital Management firm.
as wholly owned subsidiaries of Gawk, and is start of many acquisitions that Gawk will purchase as part of its plan to become one of the largest owners of data centres in the US, the company said.
They could not help but gawk at the pioneer who in the 1990s became the first female professional skater.
Gawk at the awe-inspiring Springfield Gorge and Dumping Grounds;
GLENDALE - Thousands of people are expected to gawk, ooh and aah Saturday as car enthusiasts roll out the classics - Mustangs, Shelbys, T- Birds, Chevys, Pontiacs - for the 12th annual Cruise Night and Street Party on Brand Boulevard.
At stoplights, curious motorists gawk at the unusual contraption that towers above them.
Fans of the steamy nighttime series have since come by to gawk, and the father of two says he's ready to move after living there less than two months.
San Diego has been a pivotal Navy port for decades, yet until now visitors have only been able to gawk at the imposing gray ships from a harbor tour boat.
For the fourth season (second at Smashbox), the Los Angeles fashionistas, press and buyers gathered to gawk at the spring 2005 collections of top L.
Students hauling boxes into the nearby dorms stopped at the fence to gawk at the famous young men jogging through drills in reddish-and-gold togs.
Get past the gawk alert and you face a tee shot calling for accuracy, distance and considerable guesswork on the line of attack by a first-time Tierra Rejada player.
Uptgraft is determined to keep a firm grip on that thought process next week while trying not to gawk too much at 81-year-old Winged Foot, the Albert W.