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an old formal French dance in quadruple time

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music composed in quadruple time for dancing the gavotte

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Pascall's work on this topic will already be familiar to Brahms scholars through his several articles on the dances and their reuse, beginning in the mid-1970s ("Unknown Gavottes by Brahms," Music & Letters 57, no.
able to go on without it without gavottes without gazelles that you
The individual pieces comprise overtures, airs, minuets, gigues, gavottes, and the like, and they represent a fair sampling of Rameau's many varied moods and styles.
The succession of minuets, gavottes and other dance forms of the period were executed with effortless technical grace, with flowing melody and well-defined double-stopping.
Early in the 1900s, the old time form developed with two-steps, gavottes, mazurkas and quick waltz.
Varying layers of emotion are expressed simultaneously; a fascinating mix of musical styles - ironic gavottes, gothic horror, glittering salon-music, ardent love- song - imparts a tight, closely-meshed texture to a virtuoso score which advances the action so grippingly.
He's set minuets and gavottes and a big waltz number--something of an anachronism since the period is 1794 and social waltzing didn't come in till well after the French Revolution.
We find gavottes, minuets, marches, rigaudons, together with an Italian pastorella, a "passagaglia," galanteries a la mode (burlesca, ballet), and character pieces (Les Pepheuses, L'Amerande).
For that I studied gavottes, pavanes - and plenty of Carmen Amaya tapes.