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large fish-eating Indian crocodilian with a long slender snout

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A version of the PVP known as the Gavial is being proposed for the GFF Category 1 vehicles, while the PVP HD, or Gavial Plus, aims at Category 2.
Now the brand will actively support projectsselected by the GEF to safeguard or protect the endangered crocodile, alligator, caiman or gavial species,whose loss would jeopardize the biological balance of their natural habitats.
John Gavial and Ian Morris have worked their way up through the ranks after starting at the company as year-out students.
British holidaymaker Mario Gavial was critically ill with shrapnel wounds after the Fuengirola blast and two British children were also injured.
Marios Gavial, 33, of London, remained seriously ill last night after he was injured in the first bombing, outside the Hotel Las Piramides in Fuengirola.
British holidaymaker Mario Gavial, 33, is critically ill with shrapnel wounds from a 65lb car bomb which exploded outside a hotel in Fuengirola.
The man who was seriously hurt, Mario Gavial, 33, from London, needed surgery to remove flying glass and metal fragments from his chest.
Three species of crocodile occur at DSNP, including the rare and endangered False Gavial (Tomistoma schlegeli), the Estuarine Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus), and a third as yet unidentified species (Frazier, 1994, 2000; Jeanes and Meijaard, 2000a).
PHOTO (1) Mayor Richard Riordan tries to hang on to a false gavial from Borneo on Thursday at the L.
Lower vertebrate fossils include fish, alligator, gavial, turtle, snake, and lizard remains.