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a small mallet used by a presiding officer or a judge

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I'D like to knock a commonly held legal stereotype on the head - judges don't use gavels in UK courts.
It's a tremendous honor to be recognized by Toastmasters International as the 2015 Golden Gavel award recipient," says Yunus.
The presentation of the Gavel Award recognizes these, amongst the Justice's many other accomplishments.
27 in-camera negotiations between Brant and Brantford to adjudicators Amberley Gavel Ltd.
The Pink Gavel Luncheon will feature a silent auction and a special presentation of the Pink Gavel to Carla Hill, a breast cancer survivor.
Both the gavel and its box were made to commemorate this event and the first action of the Regiment in the war.
Golden Gavel Award--John Vines of Wood Smith Schnipper Clay & Vines in Hot Springs
An electrical engineer before joining the firm in 1967, for the last 40 years he has banged the same gavel used by both the first and second Seth Hughes.
Each movie also has a "gavel rating," with four gavels declaring the film "classic," and one gavel imploring readers to "ask for a new trial.
He then presented 2006-2007 Chapter President Glen Strobel with the President's Gavel and Plaque and congratulated him on becoming the new Chapter President.
And Judge Greg Mathis, who wields a gavel on a syndicated TV courtroom show, reads Solomon.
Moravian College's Scot Dapp (L), the 2005 AFCA President, received the gavel from outgoing president Ken Hatfield (R) of Rice University.
He didn't wait for an answer before calling a voice vote that brought a chorus of approval and only a few scattered 'nays'"--and banging his gavel to end the charade.
The National League of Cities now has a new organizational gavel and block befitting its stature as the largest organizational representing cities and towns in America.
Wilson helped bring down the closing gavel on trading at the New York Stock Exchange.