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Synonyms for ground

Synonyms for ground

that on which something immaterial, such as an argument or a charge, rests

a basis for an action or a decision

a fact or circumstance that gives logical support to an assertion, claim, or proposal

that which provides a reason or justification

Synonyms for ground

a rational motive for a belief or action

the loose soft material that makes up a large part of the land surface

a relation that provides the foundation for something

a position to be won or defended in battle (or as if in battle)

the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground

material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use)

a relatively homogeneous percept extending back of the figure on which attention is focused

a connection between an electrical device and a large conducting body, such as the earth (which is taken to be at zero voltage)

(art) the surface (as a wall or canvas) prepared to take the paint for a painting

the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface

fix firmly and stably


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confine or restrict to the ground

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place or put on the ground

instruct someone in the fundamentals of a subject

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bring to the ground

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hit or reach the ground

throw to the ground in order to stop play and avoid being tackled behind the line of scrimmage

hit a groundball

hit onto the ground

cover with a primer

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connect to a ground

use as a basis for

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Mr Talbot added inquiries over nearly two years gave grounds to believe Charlotte, originally from Omagh, may have been murdered.
He gave as example the Energy Committee changing four chair persons in a short period of time which gave grounds for suspicions of dependencies.
5 per cent and the Bank of England embarking on an unprecedented boost to the money supply through quantitative easing - gave grounds for optimism.
Hylton are hoping for overdue home comforts soon - after a problem which gave grounds for major concern.
The proposal was not in the original consultation and was put forward after the process began - which protestors believe gave grounds for a legal challenge.