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a unit of magnetic flux density equal to 1 maxwell per square centimeter

German mathematician who developed the theory of numbers and who applied mathematics to electricity and magnetism and astronomy and geodesy (1777-1855)

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Gauss Infomed will operate out of Beijing and through a local network of offices to deliver its services across the entire country.
As "a publication suited to any type of media file," Faylor's Gauss PDF publishes PDFs but also numerous other file types, such as .
The FastBlurs sample demonstrates this optimized Gauss filter implementation and contains GLSL shader code generator (in GaussianBlur.
From the above discussion it is concluded that Gauss Seidel algorithm is best because of its assured convergence and simplicity.
Disclosures: GAUSS was funded by Amgen, which participated in the design and conduct of the study, as well as the collection and management of data.
We saw what certain modules of what Flame did, we saw what Gauss did two months or so ago, and this has enough links with both of them because it comes from the same roots.
However, several mysteries and unanswered questions about Gauss still remain, the statement said.
Indeed, it is possible that Gauss became operational as the successor to Duqu after the latter's discovery, which would tie in with what Kaspersky believes is the former's activity period of August to September 2011.
Gauss has mainly been found in Windows 32bit systems in Lebanon, Israel Palestine, although some infections have been discovered in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
Called Gauss, the virus is a 'complex, nation-state sponsored cyber-espionage toolkit,' Kaspersky said.
According to a post from Kaspersky Lab, the "Trojan" type malware known as Gauss is closely related to other well known viruses including Flame, initially reported on by the same security company in May.
Gauss is a complex, nation-state sponsored cyber-espionage toolkit designed to steal sensitive data, with a specific focus on browser passwords, online banking account credentials, cookies, and specific configurations of infected machines.
The new malware, dubbed Gauss for an in-code reference to a German mathematician, is believed to be linked by code to the computer worm Stuxnet, which was discovered in 2010.
Four months after the last attack, another cyber snooping virus named Gauss has been unleashed in the Middle East, and financial transactions, social media and e-mails may be at risk.
Gauss second summation theorem is defined by [Prud.