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wild ox of mountainous areas of eastern India

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On funding of the project, Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JAL) Executive Chairman Manoj Gaur said: "We are coming out with a Rs 1,650-crore IPO.
Ms Gaur met her husband for the first time in April during a trip to Mumbai, where her grandparents live, but claims she was taken back to the UK "forcefully" by her angry family.
Gaur said that she was excited with the news as it was unexpected.
Gaur is a seasoned veteran in the telehealth industry and has had a hand in shaping the direction of the industry from its very early stages" said Peter Tassiopoulos, CEO IgeaCare Systems Inc.
Authorities imposed a daylong curfew in the downs of Biratnagar, Birgunj, Janakpur, Lahan, Gaur and Jaleswor in a bid to contain the violence, and police fired blanks to deal with the curfew-defying rioters at several places.
Finalists include Ryan Booth, Jacqueline de Armas, Christina Heil and Sean McIntire, all of Royal High School; Evan Geiger, Lauren Girard, Morgan Gould, Robin Gaur, Jennifer Lam, Stephanie McCluskey, Brandee Tecson and Christina Veneroso, all of Santa Susana High School; and Samuel Han, Samuel Lang, Hillary
Aberdeen-based Barum has only one director, Barry Scott, and company secretary, Ms Lata Gaur, who was appointed by the firm three-months ago.
In a major breakthrough, researchers are cloning a rare Asian gaur - with the help of an ordinary cow called Bessie.
Viterion's goal is to make a positive difference in patient outcomes by providing telehealth solutions so easy to use that it becomes a standard means to improve access to affordable and quality healthcare," stated Pramod Gaur, Ph.
Sanjay Gaur has in addition joined as an Assistant Vice President and would be heading the corporate for Delhi.
We were doing almost 40 shows a day around Delhi," Gaur says.
Yadav, Assistant Director (Airworthiness) and Rajiv Gaur, Assistant Director (AE) for non-intimation of employment of their dependents in the private airlines or any sector under Ministry of Civil Aviation.
Bessie is to give birth to a gaur, a rare ox-like jungle animal native to Asia, next month - the first creature from an endangered breed ever to be cloned in the womb of another species.
Tow truck driver Som Gaur of Granada Hills was helping change a flat tire on a gray 1996 Ford Escort, near Topanga Canyon Boulevard, when an unidentified vehicle hit him about 3:05 a.
Viterion will focus on two strategic areas - Home Care and Disease Management - each requiring unique approaches for telehealth," stated Pramod Gaur, Ph.