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Synonyms for gauntness

extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)

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a like gauntness, and he carried himself with the same air which these
Even after her recovery, however, she was said to have exhibited "a gauntness about the face and eyes that comes of severe mental shock and suffering.
These analogies testify to Leon's careful scrutiny of the ways in which the prophetic figures of the ceiling are represented: it is the gauntness and hunched posture of the Italian woman that remind him of the Cumaean sibyl, while the violent head movements of the old man described on page 152 recall the force and energy of Ezekiel, who, as Wind argues, represents 'impulsive Might' (Wind, pp.
This was during the time when More was getting sicker and it must have been strange for him to see her change so drastically on each visit, her increasing gauntness not so apparent to us who saw her each day.
As the poetry of [that] this age is divested of 'poetical devices and conceits,' is so [packed] loaded with thought and emotion that [forces no superfluities] superfluities are forced out; as the art of this age is so rich with the meaning of things that it is gaunt with a gauntness that puts the detail of fifty years ago to shame; so [was] is this Movement so heroic that the [short memorable phrases] the clash of brass bands, the floating [flying] bunting, the short memorable phrases spoken against the skyline, the traditional appanages of historical heroism had been crowded out.
From there he frequently entered and secretly wandered about Constantinople, and `after the manner of a very skilful spy, undetected because of the filth and gauntness of his face, he used to gather the rumours that were then becoming abundant.
19) Nonetheless, Dryden's Achitophel is hardly melancholic, though Dryden's view of Shaftesbury's pallor and gauntness may suggest such a diagnosis.
Shaftesbury's gauntness also serves a symbolic function.
Perhaps then its gauntness against the elements will be an even more clear reminder of the terrible grim abstraction of human values in which all those brave young men died so needlessly.
BEFORE; Derek's face shows signs of gauntness before the implants; FIGHT: In his Militant days; AFTER; His cheeks are fuller following cosmetic surgery
Gone was the slight gauntness that led to her being branded Skeletal Spice.