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Synonyms for gauntness

extreme leanness (usually caused by starvation or disease)

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Sonya was worried his wild white hair, cataract-infected blue eyes, and prison-camp-like gauntness would frighten Jared, but Jared seemed determined to go forward.
Other signs include subtle gauntness of the face while bony features are more noticeable.
Barbitta has blonde hair, colorfully tattooed forearms, and a wraith-like gauntness.
Any perceptible gauntness, any trace of pallor, was clearly due not to hunger but to the low-fat regimes and gymwork of the western urban dweller.
At first a runner may appear a little gaunt, but all he or she requires is reassurance, because in time the gauntness disappears.
Our interest in the poor and exploited started then,' says Kevin, thin to the point of gauntness, with an engaging smile.
Dermatologic effects include facial wrinkling, facial gauntness, complexion color changes, decreased skin moisture, yellowed nails, harlequin nails, halitosis, nicotine stomatitis, and skin burns.