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In that version, the neighborhood had seemed primarily a space of misery and monotony: one "as gauntly impersonal as vital statistics," in a contemporary critic's words, "merely a place where there are people and births, and marriages and deaths forever in endless succession.
These messages are usually accompanied by pictures of starving and poverty-stricken Africans and their severely malnourished children staring gauntly at the camera and waiting to be "saved" by the NGOs.
Pictures show her as gauntly stressed, ever on the point of tears, ever clutching Gerry's hand as if it were the life raft in her turbulent life.
It reveals a flat, one-sided movie set, standing gauntly on a hillside.
Similarly, whereas Lena, with her "neat hair" (17), appears the picture of health (in keeping with her vital connection to nature), Joanna, with "hair just beginning to gray drawn gauntly back to a knot as savage and ugly as a wart on a diseased bough" (275), is ill (in keeping with her pathological racial beliefs and sexual practices).
The Mansion Hills project is located within the south coast tourist area in Aqaba, an area identified in the 2001 gauntly master plan for the Aqaba special Economic Zone.