gauge boson

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a particle that mediates the interaction of two elementary particles

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The force field in binary lattice space is a gauge boson force field, the force field in binary partition space is denoted as a hedge boson force field.
Since massless gauge bosons live on the lightcone, a null boundary in Minkowski spacetime, upon performing the Wyler map, the gauge bosons are confined to live on the Shilov boundary.
The Standard Model suggests the forces experienced between charged electrons and protons and between elementary particles of quarks and leptons is due to the rapid exchange of "messenger particles," the gauge bosons.
This model was applied to the mass distribution of celestial bodies in our solar system [2] as well as to the mass distribution of elementary particles such as baryons, mesons, leptons and gauge bosons [3].
2] with the mass distribution of well-known particles--hadrons, leptons and gauge bosons.
Its only piece lacking direct experimental observation is the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking, providing with mass the weak gauge bosons and it is related to the appearance of the SM Higgs boson.
Based on (10) in the present paper we will calculate a list of model particle masses which correspond to the main spectral nodes and compare this list with rest masses of well measured stable and fundamental particles--hadrons, leptons, gauge bosons and Higgs bosons.
Beyond the nanoworld; quarks, leptons, and gauge bosons.