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strident color or excessive ornamentation


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I promise to work with more zeal and enthusiasm to ensure that Pakistan becomes synonymous with Taekwondo in this region under the gaudiness of POA and PTF, she said in a statement issued here.
If this scene would traditionally call for a response in the vein of a choral hymn, patriotically extolling the heroic accomplishments of civil engineering, the girls' sartorial gaudiness interferes with this script and undermines the showiness of the dam project.
The garish shrines, the clanging temple bells heard above the din of the marketplace, the unexpected whiff of night jasmine after the stench of urine remind me that God is everywhere, woven into the gaudiness and muck of daily life.
The next stop is Ahtopol-a mass resort, once overgrown with fig trees, wild and compact, now the epicentre of the traditional seaside kitsch, gaudiness and-sadly-construction, household and all other kinds of refuse.
It doesn't have the gaudiness of luxury saloons, but conveys wealth with sportiness and adventurism.
Utterly overwhelmed by the gaudiness and nakedly capitalistic rapacity of these enormous new magnitudes, the original zero point, Tiananmen Square itself, has become a little mute.
Could it be that these shawls were of a material supremely soft, warm, and light, as well as rare and expensive, and that it was this, rather than any gaudiness of colour, that made them fit wear for princes?
FAIRY godmothers and giant killing teenagers usually only make an appearance towards the end of the year, when pantomime gaudiness works as an antidote to the dreary weather.
The Obama's low-key, toned-down aesthetic will offer a reprieve from an era of excess and gaudiness, Wolfe said.
And at no time of year is that yin and yang of carefree childhood and the boredom of family routine more apparent than this season of tinsel and gaudiness.
The gaudiness of his losing record is scaring off potential suitors.
Her lack of jewelry reminds the viewer that this woman cannot be purchased by jewelry, nor does she reveal her gaudiness by displaying her jewelry to all and sundry.
The ring left by a tankard on the table and the gaudiness of the playbill would no doubt have been eagerly absorbed into the riot of the senses that the decadent poets were seeking.
Less professional hands and less sensitive hands would have tried to drive home the scenes by literalness, gaudiness, and noise.
Similarly, you will hear no harsh word from the recipient in terms of the naffness of the box the gaudiness of the wrapping paper if you spend a couple of grand on a nice pair of emerald ear-rings.