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Synonyms for gaudily

in a tastelessly garish manner

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Unlabeled and shiny black, they were like dark inversions of the gaudily packaged pirated movies spread out for sale on blankets in subways and on street corners.
What else could be invoked by gaudily framed seascapes and woodland glades interrupted by processions of giant words in dropped-out block capitals?
What's one to make of Overby's predilection for swollen, gaudily painted lips?
At one end of the gallery stood This, a large, geometric, walk-in fun house built of plywood and gaudily painted on the interior.
The ahistorical and uncritical hero worship that discreetly underlies and undermines the essays of Kotik and Sultan emerges here in gaudily unapologetic form as pure stupidity.
To one auto-industry observer, the 1955 Chrysler's newly elongated, blatantly forward-thrusting, gaudily two-toned design was so exciting yet accessible that it suggested a new mantra for consumption and desire: "Marilyn Monroe as a housewife.
And she wasn't gaudily dressed and brazen like the tinworks' girls.
Pertinent examples include A Recurrence Plot, 2013, in which economic data and markers of social stratification are gaudily plotted onto a cross-sectional chart of planet Earth's geologic layers, and Cleverbot I, 2012, a brightly color-coded, handwrought block-letter transcription of conversations between the artist and a piece of machine-learning-based artificial-intelligence software that devolve into comical exchanges about manners and aggressive behavior.
He thinks being the President of the United States will give him plenty of time to improve his swing and dress even more gaudily than usual.
Howard, for his part, appears to have shot the proceedings through a slightly yellowed 1990s filter: The tone and aesthetic here often recall that era's odd spate of gaudily portentous, pseudo-theological thrillers in the vein of "End of Days" and "Stigmata.
What, in New York, did Sean O'Casey say was 'disconsolate in the daytime; but gaudily glorious at night'?
More generally, voters are not impressed by Modi's transformation from the chai-wallah (tea-seller) of the election campaign, who had sacrificed domestic bliss to serve the nation, into an omnipresent, gaudily attired celebrity hobnobbing with other bold-face names.
This wonderfully pop-art, gaudily overdrawn illustrated novel of civil war that contasts consumerist "paradise" with the parallelconsumeristand consumingcivil war.
LaBlanc handles the show's biggest, most lavish number, "Springtime for Hitler,'' with smoothly rendered swish, but it's the spectacularly attired Nazi dream dancers, played by, guess who, those little old ladies -- Choe, Tupper, and O'Brien, along with other gaudily clad ladies and gentlemen.