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Synonyms for gaudily

in a tastelessly garish manner

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The profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth, whom Jane calls wicked, shows a gaudily dressed woman with a pinched face and sharply prominent nose.
Nor even the populist loan scheme that the prime minister has unveiled so gaudily.
They were gaudily bright with a brash, metallic sheen; moreover they were fugitive when exposed to light and not fast to washing.
In its most extreme form, zoning has, in certain gaudily affluent neighborhoods, become a tool for maximizing the size of single-family McMansions.
The gaudily striped fishes can start having babies before they're even a year old, and have caused the biomass of the populations of the 42 fish they prey upon (http://www.
These were not deducted from Google's gaudily impressive revenue number of $13.
Now it was suspenders, Armani suits, and a gold Rolex flashing occasionally in the bar's amber light, gaudily usurping the place of the watch he'd won at the Penn Relays.
Salty guffaws in gaudily decorated stopmotion slapstick from the Aardman artists.
Surely someone can sympathetically renovate this crucially important property, ideally as a public place like a hotel or restaurant - not gaudily themed, but respectfully reflecting the past while taking it into the future?
Such thoughts were far from the minds on Friday of gaudily attired pilgrims to Chichen Itza seeking spiritual release.
The gaudily dressed men were wearing heavy gold jewellery and seated in a Honda Civic bearing a Haryana number plate.
With little capital of his own, "barebacked" Jewel has, improbably, secured a literal descendant of Flem's gaudily attractive animals.
Director Stephen Frears has fun with his gaudily costumed cast and freewheeling story.
Can they really believe the little old women living on crofts in the western isles, in houses that had no windows, spent their evenings weaving gaudily coloured cloth?
Of course, that doesn't include a generous tip for Moonbeam, your spiky-haired, gaudily tattooed server at the Chateau du Chai.