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In Paris, London, Rome, Trieste, and all over Europe, cultural landscapes wouldn't be the same anymore: Pound's obsession with the "tawdry cheapness", surviving beauty-cannot be understood if not through Gaudier Brzeska's work and sacrifice, thus remembered by Pound in his A Memoir of Gaudier-Brzeska:
It was suddenly possible to see a Gaudier Brzeska carving and a Murray Stait bowl in the same exhibition.
INSPIRED BY DAFFODILS Whispering their intrigues Like the Good Friday mob; But these expect the ecstacy of Easter Brazen trumpeted heralds of the new season Dew dropped Rain drenched Snow dressed Wind defying And after equinox These Lenten lilies wait nodding on the grassy banks The commonest of Springtime flowers (the cheapest on the florists stall) Just a few pence can fill a bowl with gold Yet later, gaudier flowers cannot compare With the pure joy of daffodils.
Silver offers a subtle, more subdued appearance to its gaudier cousin gold.
Rummage around at home for rags and old clothes - the gaudier the better - it will make excellent bunting material.
Gaudier's letter was "written from the trenches" (as Pound glosses it) shortly before Gaudier was killed: it includes horrific details of battle delivered with stoic nonchalance (27).
Although, of course, I could be wrong and may be taught otherwise after my death, I found that assertions of an afterlife in which there is food, only of better taste, along with governments, cinemas, and concerts, exemplify the same silliness and denial of death as the recent film version of The Lovely Bones, in which a raped and killed teenage girl ends up in a world with a nicer high school without acne or bullies and with gaudier pink colors.
Because Jonas Gutierrez can add to his Championship winner's medal a much gaudier, and more precious, bauble.
Back at the Kingman gun show, my dad's once-classy 1911 with hour-glass worn grips was now gaudily blued and sporting gaudier stocks.
Gaudier has remained a fixture on Drexel's College of Arts and Sciences dean's list since 2006.
Unexpectedly, on Saturday, December 29, 2007, and without any investigation, the person in the Netherlands released a statement on behalf of Ain Siro's front that they were not ready to cooperate with the mediation team sent by the SLA Chief of Staff General Abdul Gaudier Abdulrahman (Gadura), (http://darfurdaily.
Throughout the evening there was something unyielding about the Coulls' tone, however, held back from full opulence even in the gaudier bits of Ravel, but it was fuller in Mendelssohn's Op.
When healthy, as Dyer demonstrated during his sophomore year, he is capable of putting up even gaudier statistics.
In a much gaudier carving, the "King of Hell" - yes, the Buddhists and Confucians of 19th century Korea believed in hell as deeply as any Bible thumper - sits astride what the catalog calls a "mythical animal" but which looks a lot to my unprofessional eye like a goggle-eyed horse.
The transparency and pallid color scheme of Beloved Renegade may obscure its connection to last year's gaudier De Suenos.