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a cowboy of the South American pampas

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Gaucho chefs grill a choice of meat cuts over an open flame to capture the authentic flavours.
Louis singled off Jacome to start the inning, which forced Gauchos coach Andrew Checketts to pull his starter.
THE TWO AMIGOS: A GAUCHO ADVENTURE (BBC Two, tonight 9pm, regions vary) THE Fast Show mates John Thomson and Simon Day visit South America for the latest of the BBC's "funnymen on a mission" strand.
Gauchos are Argentina's version of the North American cowboy.
But they were the Gauchos, had taken blood oaths, passed
Uno de los mejores lectores de Gerchunoff, Edna Aizenberg, arguye que la denuncia de tales detractores ignora la indole dialogica de Los gauchos judios.
E preciso buscar fora"--o pioneirismo dos pesquisadores gauchos
But the Gauchos had other ideas as they used a buzzer-beating layup from Atoe Jackson to send the game into overtime and withstood the top-seeded Toreadors in the extra four-minute period for a 50-47 upset victory.
n Gastronomy & Gauchos - this 13-day trip across Chile and Argentina includes time exploring Santiago, wine tasting in Mendoza and Maipo Valley, a visit to Valparaiso and two days living like a gaucho on a ranch in Las Pampas.
My favorite cowboy competition leather, a two-gun rig by Greg Kramer, was made for my pair of 7 1/2" original Colts, and it perfectly fits the Taurus Gauchos.
In de la Fuente's work, the gauchos represent the main actors in the "history from below" approach.
tourists to the land of gauchos and glaciers, pampa and polo.
There are stand-up comics, close-up magicians, and gauchos galore--in pairs or trios they mock their machismo, flirt with guys in the front row, bang drums with flair, and at warp speed whirl bolas that slap the floor in tricky rhythms.
Professional sports teams such as the San Diego Gulls hockey team, the University of California Santa Barbara Gauchos women's volleyball team, the University of Colorado at Boulder women's tennis team and members of this year's ECO-Challenge Team Destiny, have all been drinking Penta during training as well as during games and playoffs.
e no ultimo paragrafo encerra dizendo que se estivermos ainda "construindo o espaco das imagens", os pioneiros filmes gauchos serao o retrato do amadurecimento desse cinema.