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Synonyms for gauche

Synonyms for gauche

lacking sensitivity and skill in dealing with others

clumsily lacking in the ability to do or perform

Synonyms for gauche

lacking social polish

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Un bilan d'extension a ete realise : la tomodensitometrie thoraco-abdomino-pelvienne a indique la presence de metastases multiples au niveau pulmonaire, hepatique et osseux avec une masse volumineuse retroperitoneale gauche (figure 5, figure 6).
Lachgar a indique que son parti oeuvre pour la constitution d'un pole de gauche elargi et d'un front uni autour d'un projet moderniste progressiste, pouvant offrir une alternative a "la politique d'improvisation et l'incapacite de la majorite gouvernementale".
Tournez a gauche sur Ia rue Booth (Pont Chaudiere) vers la rue Eddy.
Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche is the first general store created in France, in 1852, by Aristote Boucicaut.
In 1999, Saint Laurent sold the rights of his label to Gucci Group, ceding control of his Rive Gauche collection, fragrances, cosmetics and accessories for pounds 35m and royalties.
He made Paris the fashion capital of the world, with the Rive Gauche, or Left Bank, as its elegant headquarters.
In a seemingly gauche move, the Escada news release announcing the choice outed the star as being pregnant.
Schapira, President of TEI's European Chapter, welcomed more than 80 members and guests to the fall 2006 chapter meeting on October 11, 2006, at the Paris Rive Gauche Hotel.
For me, the idea of a gauche philandering adventurer works quite well.
What better reason could there be for a visit to Paris in the spring than the 29th annual Carre Rive Gauche (18-21 May)?
Panter's book, Jimbo in Purgatory (Fantagraphics, 2004) provides a helpful, if ironically didactic, context for his deliberately gauche and perplexing paintings.
All the data collected indicates there are two conformers; the anti conformer is the more stable rotamer and the gauche conformer in the fluid states but only the gauche conformer in the poly-crystalline solid.
Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche opened a flagship store at 3 east 57th Street in September.
Cheryl Gauche, 45, said about 150 volunteers - including her husband Dan and son Michael - have signed up to help at the booth that specializes in - surprise, surprise - baked potatoes.
Nouvel's ideas for two urban design competitions he is particularly sore to have lost - Stade de France, Saint-Denis (1994) and Seine Rive Gauche, Paris (1993) - are presented, complete with sound effects, in what he describes as the exhibition's 'polemic spine' - a narrow, corridor-like space linking the two halves of the labyrinth and other exhibits.