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either of two amphibious reptiles related to crocodiles but with shorter broader snouts

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Beau Blackerby, President at RRB Partners, will be the representative selling the land on behalf of Action Gator Tire.
Indeed, Florida's Statewide Alligator Harvest Program has worked so well, hunters feverishly await the application periods every spring hoping to draw a permit and the accompanying pair of CITES tags required to possess a gator.
The GATOR Rugged Geospatial Laptop is an ideal solution for situations where failures not an option," said Linda Talcott, AMRELs Director of Product Marketing.
Gator serves a customer base across a range of end markets, including chemicals, midstream oil and gas, and downstream oil and gas.
With all his years of experience, Morrell has learned the hard way what not to do when it comes to tying the string onto a Muzzy detachable Gator Getter point.
The rugged duo returns to their home base in Florida for all-new exciting episodes filled with non-stop action and even more monster-sized gators.
Hill said his SportHill contacts also helped identify a partner in China to produce the Grout Gator, and he's using SportHill's warehouse and shipping departments to distribute the Grout Gator.
The cave, which this gator had excavated over decades, was clearly extensive, and we were out of options.
The GGT5 Mud follows the same design template as its Gator Grip GGT5 cousin and is widely used in environments where a strong grip is required in a light to medium oil-based oil situation.
As a leading international organization it's important to be associated with the pedigree and history of such events as the Gator Bowl," says Kevin Kern, vice president of product planning and marketing for Konica Minolta.
But I punched the gator about three or four times on top of its head and it started to release its grip.
After locating and harvesting my first 7-foot gator of the two tag limit, I was down to just one more opportunity to better my record.
A decade after the debut of its Gator utility vehicle (UTV) line, John Deere has unveiled the next generation of the well-known equipment range.
Williams and Williams, a family-run cow/calf operation in business for 100 years, was recently awarded a John Deere HPX Gator all-terrain vehicle (ATV).
In some parts of Florida it's an everyday thing to find a gator crossing the road in front of you, seeking refuge in your backyard swimming pool, or just basking in the sun on the banks of the nearest waterway.