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Synonyms for gatherer

a person who gathers

a person who is employed to collect payments (as for rent or taxes)

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Under the law, a paid or volunteer signature gatherer must observe any person signing a petition.
The first agreement was signed between the firms for Aztec to be the oil gatherer for wells in Liberty County, Texas.
THEY say life begins at 40 - so perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that seasoned campaigner Mandy Gatherer is going around with an extra spring in her step these days.
but I am a compulsive information gatherer and I love to learn, so every customer that comes in here and they have a particular hobby, I get to pick their brains," says Karen Lacasse, coowner of Lacasse Fine Wood Products Inc.
Seven minutes later Mandy Gatherer increased their advantage.
Of those with experience, Rathgar Beau comes out best of those who contested the Baileys Arkle and The Gatherer looks a potential improver after putting in a clear round last time.
has announced the release of Inmagic Gatherer, a spider that crawls specified in-house servers and Web sites, and Inmagic Classifier, an out-of the-box solution that provides classification technology based on semantic and syntactic knowledge.
The new Inmagic Gatherer crawls designated Web spaces (either internal or external) and extracts content for the addition of metatags and loading into Inmagic's DB/TextWorks database software.
ANSAR bridged a sixteen-year gap for Galway wizard Dermot Weld when storming to a clear-cut victory over The Gatherer in the pounds 110,000 Guinness Galway Hurdle yesterday.
Edwin Harris's seascape The Mussel Gatherer, rated as one of his best pieces, could even top the pounds 100,000 mark when it goes under the hammer tomorrow.
But first let us draw on three recent books in which this new way of exploring has raised similar questions, though not identical answers, by looking at the relationships among hunter, gatherer, pastoral, and agricultural life-paths in the Bible.
Contract notice: Nutrition supply bags and gatherer.
David Gatherer, sole practitioner of Carpenters, in Old Elvet, County Durham, conned 69-year-old Joan Fort out of pounds 4,000 while handling the sale of her house.
Joan Fort, 69, said she considered committing suicide after David Gatherer ( who was yesterday banned from practising as a lawyer ( conned her out of over pounds 4,000 while handling the sale of her house.