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In the overall report, the IDC MarketScape observes, Because of Informatica s comprehensive B2Bi gateway software portfolio, professional services capabilities, and support of transport protocols, it should be considered by enterprises as a B2Bi gateway software candidate for comprehensive B2Bi integration requirements.
a leading provider of broadband residential gateway software solutions, and Partner Communications, a leading Israeli mobile telecoms operator, have reached an agreement that sees Jungo integrating its OpenRG[TM] residential gateway software into Partner's new SmartBox[TM] home gateway, part of the operator's innovative new home communications offering.
Understanding the capabilities and supported standards of B2Bi gateway software is critical to the success of a B2Bi implementation.
The Home Gateway Software suite provides the necessary connections for a networked home.
Within the report, Gartner also concluded that "[t]he B2B gateway software market is growing and dynamic, which reflects IT users' changing (and increasingly challenging) requirements for more-capable B2B gateway software solutions to support more (and increasingly sophisticated) B2B projects.
In addition to gateway software for the data center, Layer 7 also offers a family of software-upgradeable hardware-accelerated XML appliances, to facilitate support for both existing and future enterprise infrastructure.
The power of the Residential Gateway software is that it provides an always-on control point for the home-network, UPnP, peer-to-peer technology and a virtual on-demand TV server to distribute the video content to viewing devices in the digital home.
NDS Group Plc, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV, today announced the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Jungo Ltd, a leader in residential gateway software, for an aggregate consideration of up to $107.
The new Dialogic IP Media Gateway software release 5.
SEALS Healthcare Secures eCommerce Transactions Using the New Steelcape Gateway Software Without Opening Ports in the Firewall
Layer 7 Technologies is the first XML security and networking vendor to introduce a suite of XML appliances and gateway software for Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Web Oriented Architectures (WOA) including SOAP, POX, AJAX and REST.
Commtouch(R) (NASDAQ:CTCH), the developer of ground-breaking RPD(TM) technology for real time anti-spam and Zero-Hour(TM) virus protection, announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with Intoto, a leading provider of network-centric secure gateway software for networking and communications original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
Intoto, a leading provider of network-centric secure gateway software for networking and communications Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Cavium Networks, a world leader in security, network services, and embedded processor solutions, today announced that Intoto's comprehensive iGateway security platforms will support the latest generation of Cavium Networks' OCTEON processor family.
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