gateway drug

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a habit-forming drug that is not addictive but its use may lead to the use of other addictive drugs

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The real concern is the problems youngsters get into when drunk, including breaking the law and the fact that drinking at this age makes alcohol a gateway drug to later illicit substances.
A vintage lamp here, an architectural salvage piece there, but flea market purchases were just a gateway drug, and after that, random boxes loaded with clock faces, keys, letters and gosh-knows-what became a passion.
We lost control of BZP and now it is a gateway drug because young people on BZP knew it was going to the streets.
A spokesman said: "There is evidence to show that cannabis has been the gateway drug to other substances in a drug taking career.
And alcohol is absolutely a gateway drug for other drugs.
And by the time they're 15 and 16, they're on heroin, with cannabis acting as the gateway drug.
Finally, marijuana is unquestionably a gateway drug.
The spoof website contains made up stories that, among other things, assert "Marijuana is the gateway drug to Twinkies," that Mayans believed the world would end in 2012 because of marijuana, and that local drug dealers are banding together to stop medical marijuana because it would hurt their business.
They're left flogging weak arguments about dope being a gateway drug which leads directly to heroin addiction.
Calling earmarks "the gateway drug to overspending," Coburn lambasted both parties.
I used to think that cannabis might be a gateway drug but I have changed my mind on that now.
I don't agree with reclassifying cannabis because it is a gateway drug.
Lots of experts have looked into the idea that cannabis could be a gateway drug and none of them have really found much to support it.
Here's hoping the question passes, despite opponents who remain intent on treating this benign, helpful substance like a dangerous and evil gateway drug.
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