gateway drug

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a habit-forming drug that is not addictive but its use may lead to the use of other addictive drugs

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Kandel continued that e-cigarettes had the same physiological effects on the brain and may pose the same risk of addiction to other drugs as regular cigarettes, especially in adolescence during a critical period of brain development and nicotine clearly acted as a gateway drug on the brain, and this effect was likely to occur whether the exposure comes from smoking cigarettes, passive tobacco smoke, or e-cigarettes.
But critics warn that marijuana is a gateway drug and that fostering the market is playing with fire.
I understand the concept of the gateway drug and I can't quite get beyond love performing Musetta, she's so much fun to portray.
There is no way anyone can convince me this is not a gateway drug.
Incomplete documentation must be akin to a gateway drug, in that perfectly disorganised documentation may throw the scent off any fraudulent paper trail.
What follows in the mid-19th century is a historical progression to opium smokers, including Chinese immigrants, opium dens, and smoking concentrated opium introduced by tobacco smoking (the true gateway drug in history).
His ease against Ramadan is instead that he is a gateway drug for young Muslims to more radical Islamist views; Muslims who hear him talk in glowing yet evasive terms about "Salafi reformism" will eventually be drawn to harder intoxicants.
And there is sometimes too little emphasis placed on 'soft' drugs like cannabis - which can be a gateway drug leading to terrible problems.
And it would likely decriminalize but tightly regulate marijuana, which study after study shows is less dangerous or addictive than cigarettes or alcohol, has undeniable medicinal properties, and isn't a gateway drug to anything harder than Doritos.
It is the gateway drug and it alters the thinking of our impressionable young people.
But the good news is, many high schools around the country have theatre programs--and these serve as a gateway drug into the arts.
I'd like the album to be a gateway drug," he says, hoping it will let listeners hear the full span of electronic music's potential.
But she also feels that there is no help for cannabis-users out there despite believing it is a gateway drug to others.
We know this is a gateway drug linked to others such as alcohol and stronger substances, like heroin.
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