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either of two amphibious reptiles related to crocodiles but with shorter broader snouts

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Subs not used: Howard, Sharp, Done, Wallace WORCESTER: Vaughan, Minihan (Weir 51), Thomas, Sharpe, Gudger, Gater (Dunkley 60), Deeney, Nti, Jackman, Vincent (Harrad 74), Burton.
He's still the naturally better gater between him and Bomber, although Bomber is gating well himself at the moment.
Gater insists that vendors must do their research to avoid falling victim to this ploy:
PLAYERS: Larayb Khan, left with the game, and Liam Gater with Green Gates pupils
The smooth feel of coffee, is best complemented by furnishings made of quality leather that have a silky feeling against the body, as opposed to something that is rough like wooden chairs or cold like marble tables," Gater said.
Glan Clwyd patient Morgan from Llanfair DC with the rocking horse restored by Jenny Gater (right)
They finished last season as league runners-up, and JW Hunt Cup finalists, but the summer additions - Bustleholme skipper Mark Willetts, Halesowen Town defender Connor Gater, Trysull's Mike Perks, Causeway United's Stuart Hensman, Ravi Sangha from Tipton and Matt Weyman from Dudley Sports - have added further quality.
The Scot, who aims to be the first home rider to win the title since Schlein in 2004, said: "Rory is a great gater and I'd love to get one over on him.
30pm) Tony Robinson and John Gater chart the rise and development of geophysics technology since the archaeology programme's first dig in 1994.
Headteacher Steve Gater said: "We are absolutely delighted with the outstanding performance of our students this year.
Rob Gater is promoted to the new role of Head of Convenience and Export.
Chris Gaffney and John Gater have also been, since 1993, consultants to the Time Team, a television series which has done a great deal to explain and popularise the subject--I am not, however, convinced that the use of the 'cute' television term 'geophiz' should be encouraged in any context.
That's what inspired partially-paralysed social worker, Lee-Anne Gater of Durbanm, to seek ways to protect herself from the lightning-fast car robbers that prey on mainly female drivers in South Africa's city streets.
Steve Gater, marketing manager at the malt's distributor First Drinks Brands, said: "Over the next five years we intend to build the style and substance of the brand.
I would like to thank Kate Curtis, Geoff Wilson and headteacher Steve Gater for their help.