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someone who controls access to something

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Our objective was to examine whether gatekeeper requirements are associated with the utilization of widely recommended cancer screening procedures (for breast and cervical cancer), but not associated with the use of a less uniformly recommended cancer screening procedure (for prostate cancer).
Sighs one gatekeeper, "Finding the right fest where the chemistry all works out is very rare.
Researchers have investigated how gatekeeper policies are affecting primary care physicians and patients.
With full accreditation, Baltimore Certificates Australia becomes the only company able to issue Gatekeeper Grade 2 or Grade 3 certificates.
The job offered no wages, but the gatekeeper would not have to pay rent, council tax or water charges on accommodation at the Town Gate, which is used by the Queen and other members of the royal family.
The women are the ones who dare to share the glories of god and who, like Minnie Evans, become the gatekeepers of an entire people's precious heritage.
The Gatekeeper model, which started in Spokane in 1978, is funded by state, federal and grant money Those wishing to become Gatekeepers must complete a training course in identifying and helping at-risk elderly people.
Likewise, a gatekeeper who is unaware of a particular disability could benefit greatly both professionally and financially from exploring options with the patient.
The hybrid plan lets beneficiaries use a "gatekeeper" physician in the plan, see other providers in the plan's network without going through the gatekeeper, or go outside the network.
Security is always an issue, and Kronos Incorporated (800/225-1561,x841) has a Windows-based product, Gatekeeper Central, that while designed for nearly any industry, should adapt well to nursing home use.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to serve as a highly effective home security accessory, the Gatekeeper, has been developed by Audie U.
Verizon Australia Pty Ltd (Verizon Australia) has been awarded a Gatekeeper accreditation and a Common Criteria product certification by the Australian government.
A gatekeeper at a school in Karachi's Ibrahim Hyderi area was taken into custody on Friday after a three-year-old girl in the area-levelled allegations of sexual assault against him.
A gatekeeper is described as someone who controls access to an institution or an organisation such as a school principal, managing director or administrator.