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someone who controls access to something

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We are very pleased to have Xceedium GateKeeper listed on the UC/APL.
Potential licensees in the security products industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Gatekeeper on a worldwide basis.
My tactic is to make connections with the superintendents outside of their offices so I have a strong connection with them before I even have to deal with the gatekeeper.
Yoggie Personal Security Gatekeeper will be available during November 2006.
He was then shifted to a police station, the SSP said, adding that medical tests were conducted on both the girl and the gatekeeper.
10] Obtaining gatekeeper permission from the higher levels of the organisation does not, and probably should not, guarantee cooperation from multiple layers of organisational membership, and should never overrule individual autonomy to refuse research participation.
Gatekeeper was unable to prevent the malware from running.
The gatekeeper asks the dreaded follow-up question, the one that strikes fear in the non-value-creating salesperson's heart, "May I tell Jane what this is regarding?
As theft and cart loss continue on a steady upward trajectory, Gatekeeper Systems challenges retailers to take back control with a comprehensive solution that cuts store costs while simultaneously relieving the burden of managing a system.
Councillors were told there was no objection from police to the plan by JD Wetherspoon plc for increased opening hours of 7am until 3am from Monday until Sunday at the Gatekeeper pub on Westgate Street because it was outside the saturation zone.
The discovery of the gatekeeper cells, which are part of a memory network together with several other nerve cells in the hippocampus, reveal new fundamental knowledge about learning and memory.
One of the gatekeeper's most important daily tasks is to get rid of insurance agents--and one of the insurance agents' greatest challenges is getting past the gatekeeper.
The new Gatekeeper Pico(TM) for Mac and Gatekeeper Card Pro(TM) for Mac supply world class security for Mac users by providing 12 internet security applications on dedicated hardware that offloads security, improves productivity and protects users wherever they connect.
The company said that the new Gatekeeper Pico for Mac and Gatekeeper Card Pro for Mac provide 12 Internet security applications on a dedicated hardware that offloads security, improves productivity and protects users wherever they connect.
Because of this en masse gatekeeper failure, Coffee contends, the "United States' much vaunted system of corporate governance was suddenly compromised" (p.