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someone who controls access to something

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Price, who has been a publisher since 2001, answers that Gatekeeper Press is able to offer such low prices because of low overhead, existing publishing infrastructure, and efficiencies.
GNet's online dashboard also has custom alert options to notify retailers, Gatekeeper, or both if there are system failures.
I have recently retired and have moved to the flats at Westgate Street and am directly opposite the Gatekeeper," she wrote.
We were amazed when we discovered that light activation of the gatekeeper cells alters the flow of information in the hippocampus in the same way as nicotine does," co-author Richardson Leao said.
This initial correspondence introduces you and your purpose and provides a point of reference to initiate a conversation with the gatekeeper, such as, "Did you happen to get the letter I sent?
Aside from the fact that you're easy to spot--you look confident, sound upbeat, and don't take "no" for an answer--the gatekeeper has honed specific skills for identifying a lurking salesperson before the third word even escapes your mouth.
The Gatekeeper Pico for Mac is a USB key-size Linux-based security mini-computer, with 12 built-in security applications.
Yoggie Gatekeeper Pico for Mac is priced at USD149 and the Gatekeeper Card Pro for Mac is USD199.
To optimize OTC product potential that depends upon gatekeeper influence, marketers must strike a balance between consumer needs and the needs of the gatekeeper whose recommendations or rejection can have a very significant impact on a product's success.
Our objective was to examine whether gatekeeper requirements are associated with the utilization of widely recommended cancer screening procedures (for breast and cervical cancer), but not associated with the use of a less uniformly recommended cancer screening procedure (for prostate cancer).
As their dramatic names indicate, the premise of El Paso's Operation Hold the Line (1993), San Diego's Operation Gatekeeper (1994), Tucson's Operation Safeguard (1995), and McAllen's Operation Rio Grande (1997) was that if you shut down the popular, easy-access crossing routes, you could deter migrants from crossing altogether.
Data released during Digestive Disease Week suggest that the Gatekeeper Reflux Repair System, currently in clinical development by Medtronic, may be an alternative to these treatments.
Sophos Anti-Virus, has branded a new virus-writing competition organised by firewall start-up GateKeeper irresponsible, and has called for it to be cancelled.
Gatekeeper will enable the significant expansion of secure online government services including those related to health, revenue and social services.
A job advert for a royal gatekeeper was withdrawn after a union pointed out it was in breach of new minimum wage laws.