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an oversize page that is folded in to a book or magazine


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Each gatefold extends to over two metres in length.
Pioneer won in the category "Single Ad--Inserts, pop-ups, foldouts & spectaculars, gatefolds and multi-units with more than $100,000 media budget" for its Pioneer Y Series insert in Farm Journal magazine.
Its digital artwork files faithfully reproduce all of the inserts - including gatefolds and posters - that were packaged with the original LP vinyl recordings of the themes from Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI.
Each of the above is housed in a gatefold mini-jacket that is a scale reproduction of the original LP cover art.
With six gatefolds and over 400 color illustrations of Twombly's work from the 1950s up to today, this oversize (10X12.
It is a lavish piece of publishing - four sorts of paper, double and triple gatefolds, copious colour photographs and drawings - intended to provide a visual record of the exhibition.
also contains a dramatic double gatefold that details the shady world of vampires, and two single gatefolds - a tribute to Coney Island sideshows and a life-size portrait of tiny teenager Jyoti Amge - she stands just 23 u inches tall
reviews the average readership of "spectacular" ads including multi-page units, gatefolds, inserts, and scented strips and offers insights into their performance across three key categories: "Noted," the percentage of readers who remember seeing the ad -- a measure of stopping power; "Associated," the percentage of readers who recall seeing the name of the advertiser or product -- a measure of branding; and "Read Most," the percentage who read half or more of the copy -- a measure of reader involvement with the ad.
Using readership data gathered from in-person studies between January 2000 and October 2005, the study examined multi-page ads (from three to ten pages), gatefolds, inserts (a non-standard unit typically on heavier stock that is added into the publication and usually not paginated), and fragrance ads featuring perfume scented strips.
From FHM's September issue through to its January/February 2007 issue, the magazine will carry a number of Jeep advertisements in association with Miss FHM, including keepsake gatefolds of the tournament's leading contestants.
By making clever use of gatefolds within the pages of The New Yorker, the campaign teases our readers with the set-up page, then brilliantly pays it off as you open the gatefold.
The campaign, produced by DDB Seattle, consists of a series of six gatefold ads, each one focusing on a particular iconic feature that speaks to a pillar of the brand.
Both have been chosen to grace gatefolds in upcoming issues of Playboy's foreign editions.