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Local mayor Rob Bats Harley yesterday condemned the gatecrashers and vowed to make them pay for the damage.
But in the early hours of Saturday around 30 gatecrashers clashed with the revellers at the party at The Old Comrades Club in Smethwick, West Mids.
I don't think from the very beginning of the programme the gatecrashers took away all snacks and beverages, made the snacks stale, probably they targeted the disposables.
But the party spirit soured after gatecrashers threatened partygoers with a knife before ripping out two safes containing more than 500 pieces of jewellery.
A gang of about ten gatecrashers raided the house in Marlborough Road, Tuebrook, at around 11pm on August 2, threatening partygoers with a knife and ripping out two safes.
Gatecrashers joined other teenagers in drinking vodka and cider.
But elsewhere in the hotel, the rich and famous were left at the mercy of the gawkers and gatecrashers.
Officers arrived in 12 cars to disperse the gatecrashers but no one was arrested.
Police have questioned a 16year-old youth after gatecrashers got into a Christmas party at a teenager's home, got drunk and went on a wrecking spree during which they caused damage estimated at pounds 15,000.
A dream wedding ended in a full-scale bun fight and punch-up after gatecrashers wrecked the reception.
One of the gatecrashers swung the axe at Anthony's face, but he ducked and it chopped into the back of his head.