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someone who gets in (to a party) without an invitation or without paying

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Raymond McVeighty, defending, said Gatecrasher was a large club with three floors and popular with students.
In a unanimous decision, Birmingham City Council's licensing and public protection committee shut down Gatecrasher after a knife incident and alleged fight involving doormen in the early hours of October 31.
Out on Monday, the triple CD is described as "a sonic soundscape of 20 years of Gatecrasher.
Sunday Mercury columnist Bev says: "We'll be rocking Gatecrasher with a full hour and a half set, and we'll be joined by some of my best friends to make it an occasion to remember.
While the return of the outdoor Gatecrasher stage is a huge attraction - provided the rain stays away.
The driving force behind one of the most successful clubbing brands, Gatecrasher, he helped to shape the trance scene we know today.
Matt's illustrious association with the global phenomenon that is Gatecrasher would be seen by many as an accomplishment in its own right.
After a pounds 500,000 refurbishment, Gatecrasher Seven opened on Friday with a new look and two distinct clubbing rooms to suit events of different styles.
Just this week Gatecrasher revealed a pounds 5 million 10-unit programme plan to be developed in selected cities over the next five years.
Time Flies head honcho Henry Blunt is looking forward to New Year's Eve and the rink and is pleased with the link up with Gatecrasher.
James Fanshawe's Gatecrasher will be at home on the ground and over the longer trip of the Tote Lady In Red Handicap (2.
BIRMINGHAM'S former Gatecrasher club is to be re-opened this summer.
THE future of Birmingham's biggest nightclub Gatecrasher, which left dozens of creditors out of pocket amid debts of over PS2 million, is to be decided by licensing chiefs following police claims of violence and drugtaking.
WORLD-FAMOUS clubbing brand Gatecrasher is celebrating 20 years at the forefront of dance music culture.
A GRANDMOTHER who was tasered by cops after threatening to kill a gatecrasher at her house party has avoided jail.