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any of various rich and elaborate cakes

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Gateaux is well-known for offering customised pastries and cakes made from the finest and freshest ingredients.
Les prix sont tres chers mais on peut acheter des petites quantites et preparer differents types de gateaux et ca revient bien sur moins cher que les gateaux vendus dans les patisseries", estime Zohra, mere de famille.
Making cakes, tarts and gateaux can be demanding in terms of skill levels, space in the kitchen and time.
The Easter Lemon Gateaux is a light and zesty infused lemon sponge.
beaucoup moins que]Les gateaux d'anniversaire sont faits pour rassembler les personnes.
LET HER EAT CAKE How Kate might look scoffing gateaux
JUST DESSERTS Caroline Sanderson making her strawberry gateaux under the watchful eye of James Martin.
Like Dirty Dusting and Waiting For Gateaux, Son of Samurai premiered at the Customs House where it played for a month last summer.
New features of the range include small pieces of aerated chocolate and two-colour chocolate drops as a refinement to ice cream, frozen gateaux or breakfast cereals.
Let X be a separable and reflexive real Banach space; [PHI] : X [right arrow] R a continuously Gateaux differentiable and sequentially weakly lower semicontinuous functional whose Gateaux derivative admits a continuous inverse on [X.
The brand has teamed up Country Style Foods to produce Sara Lee Classics desserts, a revised version of the old range featuring 10 signature offerings such as double chocolate gateaux, raspberry cream gateaux and lemon meringue pie.
SARA LEE'S new Gold Gateaux range includes lemon and almond, and raspberry and vanilla, but we liked chocolate and orange best.
The gateaux can also be moulded in plastic pipe-tubes in advance and re- heated in a microwave, rings removed and the potato top glazed under the grill.