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Synonyms for gate

Synonyms for gate

the amount of money collected as admission, especially to a sporting event

Synonyms for gate

a computer circuit with several inputs but only one output that can be activated by particular combinations of inputs

total admission receipts at a sports event

passageway (as in an air terminal) where passengers can embark or disembark

supply with a gate

control with a valve or other device that functions like a gate

Related Words

restrict (school boys') movement to the dormitory or campus as a means of punishment

References in classic literature ?
Part full of water, the boat was flung upon the beach, the men springing out and dragging its nose to the gate-posts.
Day He told the inquiry the "body" of the ambulance got stuck on a gate-post, saying: "We were trying to get an ambulance on at the top of the slope and there was a problem there which, frankly, surprised me because I had not seen it before.
And now and then, there's the chap I call the nightwatchman perched on a gate-post seemingly waiting for me to go by.
MIKE 'SPIKE' PHILLIPS insists his head will not finish stuck on a rusting Dublin gate-post tonight - despite Ireland's declared thirst for revenge.
The court heard from eyewitnesses that in the first smash, Granville - who has a previous conviction for criminal damage after crashing her Land Rover into a gate-post at a livery yard in 2008 - cut across and clipped a Skoda Octavia near Malvern's fire station before speeding away.