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the workplace where coal gas is manufactured

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Address : Intertradeireland, the old gasworks business park
Gerard McCabe took on the role of Doc, with his character whizzing from the Gasworks clock tower down to Belfast's own Marty McFly, Dan Gordon, waiting in the DeLorean below.
Let's also dismiss the fact Shuggie, 13, has been with Gasworks since the age of four but that his senior club could still rake in a minimum of five grand in compensation if he joins a rival after 12 months and not have to pay a penny back down.
The building, which was awarded Grade II* listed status in 1993, was built between the 1820s and 1920s and was the city's first gasworks.
The gasworks was opened in 1865 and manufactured gas from coal as an energy supply until 1900, after which it was used to store gas generated in Tywyn.
Using the local gasworks as an example we can teach them about site safety, local history and the science behind historical gas production.
The attack on the gasworks on Winwick Road took place on February 26, 1993.
The Nazi document shows the main targets on Tyneside as: Cramlington (airfield, RAF headquarters); Dunston (power station, gasworks, warehouses); Elswick (fuel dump, power station, gasworks, warehouses, engineering and machine tool factory); Hebburn (power station, gasworks, steelworks, rolling mills); North Shields (fuel dump, port installations, gasworks).
TOM FITZPATRICK, Via email Gasworks article sparked many memories I ENJOYED reading the article about the gasworks in RW 101.
This report from the Museum of London Archeology examines the remains of the Commercial Gas Light and Coke Company gasworks at Harford Street in London, documenting the current state of the site and providing historical context for the interesting infrastructure at this important industrial revolution landmark.
I READ with interest your article on the anniversary of the land mine piercing the gasometer at Garston gasworks, in 1940 (Daily Post, December 1, 2010).
SUPERMARKET giant Sainsbury's yesterday opened the doors of its biggest store in Wales, on a former gasworks site in Newport, Gwent.
At Higginshaw Junior in Oldham bowling from the gasworks end - honest, we had a gasworks - anything on the dustbin was either over the wall into the mill lodge or out if you missed it, while anything down leg or off was an invitation to wellie it behind towards the infant school with the same, brutal sweep down left or right side.
When the Gas Board built a gasworks on the field, they contributed a token pounds 1 to cover the haystrewing at the church.
GASWorkS provides Windows-based steady-state network modeling tools.