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visual examination of the stomach by means of a gastroscope inserted through the esophagus

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Patients who cannot survive surgical intervention should have a nasojejunal feeding placed by gastroscopy and receive antibiotics (11).
To a question about what is difference between gastroscopy and gastroenterology?
He was diagnosed with esophageal carcinoma by gastroscopy and had undergone a total esophagectomy 6 months earlier.
Featuring a haptic hardware platform similar to the company's laparoscopic simulator LapSim, as well as realistic lifelike graphics, the EndoSim system includes a gastroscopy and colonoscopy scope, Basic Skills, FES[R] Test Preparation (http://www.
Doctors suspected a hiatus hernia or acid reflux, but after a delayed diagnosis, a gastroscopy eventually revealed stage 4 cancer which had already spread to her liver.
Duan Chen, a study investigator from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, said that the advantage of botox is that it can be used to target cancer stem cells and can be used locally or by injecting it through gastroscopy that requires the patient to stay in the hospital for just a few hours.
There were no biopsies, no waiting time for results and no additional gastroscopy for lesions removal.
Other causes include external laryngeal trauma, laryngeal mask anesthesia, microdirect laryngoscopy, gastroscopy, and even violent coughing or emesis.
The high-tech clinic, which has two consulting rooms and aN endoscopy unit, uses latest technology for gastroscopy and colonoscopy procedures which also gives a 'rapid' walk-in, walkout service that significantly improves consultation times.
He has since had two medical procedures - a colonoscopy and gastroscopy - in the private Canossa Hospital on The Peak in Hong Kong.
Gastroscopy may reveal antral mucosal swelling and redness with narrowing of the pylorus and diminished peristalsis.
She is currently waiting to have a gastroscopy, a procedure where doctors use a fibre-optic camera to examine the inside of the gullet and stomach.
Stool cultures, a coeliac screen and gastroscopy were normal.