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a type of endoscope for visually examining the stomach

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Moreover, blood pressure and heart rate decreased less dramatically in the nitrous oxide inhalation group as compared with the intravenous propofol and midazolam sedation group during gastroscopic examination.
However, the stable clinical condition, an early causative diagnosis and treatment, as well as frequent gastroscopic follow-up examinations justified an attempt for conservative management.
BGPs are usually small in size and detected incidentally during gastroscopic examination.
At time 0, all the horses were evaluated in clinical laboratory and gastroscopic tests to obtain basal data.
Achados gastroscopicos em equinos adultos assintomaticos / Gastroscopic findings in horses without clinical signs, Arq.
particular reference to gross pathology and gastroscopic diagnosis.
For example, in patients with documented suspicious lymphocytic infiltrates in gastroscopic biopsy specimens, multiple repeated biopsy fragments of the lesion submitted fresh for flow cytometry analysis frequently result in the demonstration of monoclonality and verification of lymphoma.
Gastroscopic investigation determined chronic superficial gastritis in 10 of 26 children, and chronic hypertrophy gastroduodenitis in 2 children.
Gastroscopic and colonoscopic examination howed pangastritis with mucosal hyperemia and multiple colonic aphthous ulcerations (Figure 1).
Two patients dropped out, a patient who had no gastroscopic diagnosis withdrew his consent and another patient who suffered from dry cough prior to entry to this trial, the first dose of the concentrate was associated with a coughing attack, such that she decided not to continue with the treatment.
We believe that noninvasive, rapid, accurate, and convenient analysis of gastroscopic tissues can be performed with Fourier-transform mid-infrared spectroscopy if the mid-infrared fiber optics and stomach endoscopy technologies can be combined successfully, but a flexible mid-infrared optical fiber and miniprobe are not yet available.