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a type of endoscope for visually examining the stomach

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Treatment was determined as effective if some clinical symptoms still remained but relieved compared to before treatment and mucosal lesions reduced for more than 50% under gastroscope.
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography with a gastroscope in a case of ectopic opening of common bile duct.
The clinical presentations of the study group before the gastroscope were listed in Table III.
We are now using synthetic fiber-optics in five new endoscopes--a fibersigmoidoscope, gastroscope, bronchoscope, esophagoscope, and a laryngoscope.
5 metres of the tube, or gastroscope, will be swallowed by Walter as the team, including two nurses, carry out the procedure.
During my training in the early 1960s, the inventor of the flexible gastroscope, a flexible tube one-half inch in diameter, demonstrated the new invention.
The endoscopist directs the gastroscope light so that it transilluminates the anterior wall of the stomach to the epigastrium.
You can image my surprise when the "N-G tube" turned out to be a standard diameter gastroscope, which looked to me like the diameter of the Holland Tunnel.
The i10 series endoscopes include the first diagnostic HD+ gastroscope with a 3.
Tenders are invited for Heart Lung Machine, ACT Machine, Micromotor for ENT Model B, Sound Proof Room(Audiology), Video Thoracoscope, Dialysis Consumables, Video Gastroscope and Colonoscope Model A, Operating Microscope ENT, Generator 10KVA, Generator 250 KVA, Air Conditioner-Various Type, File Cabinet, Fumigation Dispensor, CPM Lower Limb (Knee Joint) Pre-bid meeting date : 01 Mar 2018
This study investigated whether double-channel gastroscope could be used to reduce procedural time in gastric antrum ESD.
8) In 1881 at the same time Johann Von Mikulicz constructed a gastroscope that was angulated to 30 degrees at the distal third of a hollow tube.
The gastroscope examination showed that the inner diameter of upper segment of esophagus was expanded obviously, and the entrance of cardia (ostiumcardiacum) became narrow which it was hard to pass with gastroscope [Figure 1]b and c.
Last June Eamon got his appointment for a gastroscope examination which checked the inside of his stomach and gullet.