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a type of endoscope for visually examining the stomach

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We are now using synthetic fiber-optics in five new endoscopes--a fibersigmoidoscope, gastroscope, bronchoscope, esophagoscope, and a laryngoscope.
To have this gastroscope available 24-7 is brilliant.
5 metres of the tube, or gastroscope, will be swallowed by Walter as the team, including two nurses, carry out the procedure.
In each patient, they then removed the gastroscope and left the overtube in place.
Used in combination with a standard gastroscope, the system creates a full-thickness plication at the gastroesophageal junction, restoring the normal antireflux barrier.
The Fuse colonoscope uses three cameras to provide GI specialists with a 330 degree field of view as compared to the 140 to 170 degree field of view provided by standard colonoscopes, while the Fuse gastroscope uses two cameras to provide a 245 degree field of view as compared to the 150 degree field of view provided by standard gastroscopes.
It is understood blood tests will now be offered to patients examined with a gastroscope at the hospital between April 2001 and April 2004.
The rigidity of the instruments, however, limited their use for the doctor and were in many instances particularly unpleasant for the patient, the passage of a rigid or semi-rigid gastroscope requiring the skills of a sword-swallower.
Tenders are invited for Purchase Ct - 16 Slice (Automatically Developing) Endoscopy Compound Kit Video Gastroscope, Videocolonoscop, Videoprocesor
Doctors can diagnose the condition with a gastroscope, a flexible tube passed down into the stomach.
Digital Mammography,500 mA X ray Machine with Fluoroscopy with IITV,Orthodontics Plaver Set,Pizzo Ultrasonic Surgical Unit,Automatic Film Processor,Video Gastroscope,Laproscopic Surgery Hand Instrument,Ambulance
Delivery of new medical devices: Planning CT, ultrasound, laparoscopic tower with electrocoagulation, an HDTV camera and monitor, the endoscopic tower colonoscope, gastroscope and duodenoscopes for endoscopic tower.
Gastroscope Market - Duodenoscope Market - Enteroscope Market - Ultrasound Endoscope Market 5.
Bronchoscope and Gastroscope Training Simulators 22