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Her talent was painting a one-minute self-portrait, which depicted her in her truer form as a green gastropod.
The marine gastropod resources in India are exploited regularly for various purposes.
Through four days field trip, a team work of 6 persons collected gastropod and bivalve shells from the intertidal zone of ten stations along Tarut coast, Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia (Fig.
The gastropods were dissected and a sample of muscle tissue of each gastropod was extracted for isotope analysis.
Substrate attributes determine gait in a terrestrial gastropod.
In the deer's abomasum, or fourth stomach compartment, the gastropod releases infective larvae that migrate to the deer's spinal cord and brain, where they develop into mature egg-laying worms.
To address this, we quantified changes in gastropod behavior in the presence of a fish predator cue and n-Ag over 24 h in a laboratory behavioral assay.
The present survey conducted in some sites (Guelma, Nechmaya, Sidi Ammar, El Bouni and El Kala) located in the Northeast Algeria, shows a relatively high diversity of terrestrial gastropod fauna, particularly in the NPK.
Combined, individual differences in habitat use and variability among habitat types in gastropod diversity and abundance may result in differential risk of moose and other cervids to P.
The objectives of the present study are to investigate the spatial and temporal patterns of gastropod communities associated with macroalgae of the genus Ulva and to assess the environmental factors affecting the structure of communities in these areas, such as the presence of iron ore and wave exposure.
The present study is first of its kind that deals with freshwater gastropod populations at Manchar Lake from six selected sampling stations.
Morphological variation attributable to allometry in the freshwater gastropod Elimia livescens Menke, 1830 is described.
Resembling "The Full Monty" but more downbeat, too lite for the arthouse yet too melancholy for escapist uplift, tasty "Snails" may prove to be as challenged a traveler as its titular gastropod.
The marine gastropod species Thais carinifera is the commonly occurring species on the Sindh and Balochistan coasts of Pakistan.
The giant African land snail is truly a king among snails , - it is the largest known gastropod.