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of or relating to gastronomy

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However, my time in Jordan has turned out to be one of the most gastronomically delightful of my life,.
This lazy hospital fodder takes 'cheap' food policy to its logical depths: gastronomically and nutritionally impoverished, cut-price, lowest common denominator products, delivered by a globalised distribution chain.
And if you're told that the rooftop offers the most dazzling view of the Qutab, which was completed in 1193 by the slave king Qutubuddin Aibak (hence the enigmatic name of the restaurant), you don't need goading to accept an invitation from a friend to spend an evening at a restaurant the gastronomically evolved city deserved to get.
Exhibitors from some of the most gastronomically renowned countries attended the show to promote speciality products from their respective regions, including Argentina, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, France and French Polynesia.
Sesame oil is regarded gastronomically and chemically as superior quality oil.
Ethnic and lifestyle diversity give the city its unique flavor culturally, aesthetically, linguistically, and gastronomically.
I gained new friends, participated in cultural and educational interactions unavailable to the typical tourist and occasionally found myself challenged gastronomically, especially as a vegetarian.
Gastronomically best known perhaps for their Garlic Fries--"typical of out approachable menu with a creative twist," says Curtis--the 27 Gordon Biersch outlets all feature a variety of dishes unlikely to be found in an average pub, from Blackened Ahi Tuna to an 18-ounce Gorgonzola Bone-In Ribeye.
It reflects a gastronomically correct hierarchy that ignores bistro culture and sidelines international cuisine.
Best for the gastronomically adventurous - Whitsun week from pounds 330.
October is a wonderful time gastronomically as the season of the porcini mushrooms is in full swing.
The available facilities are gastronomically complemented by the hotel's own brasserie Bits&Bites and a lobby bar.
The food-and-drink stands sell deep-fried crickets, spiders, and peeled frogs--local delicacies, but strictly for the gastronomically adventurous traveler.
These should be simple, cheap, and take the minimum amount of time, especially as most of us are flagging gastronomically after the seasonal food fest.
And while bulots were off the menu for the more gastronomically challenged of our family, mussels were allowed