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a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

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To celebrate this fruitful connection between Greenmarket sellers and borough dwellers, Gabrielle Langholtz has collected 93 recipes from 93 of New York's top gastronomes in The New Greenmarket Cookbook: Recipes and Tips from Today's Finest Chefs and the Stories Behind the Farms that Inspire Them (Da Capo, $24.
Nineteenth-century gastronomes valourized culinary trends that emerged before the Revolution.
For gastronomes, every festival is time to fill their tummies with gourmet cuisine.
This documentary is an intimate portrait of the man behind the slow food movement, Carlo Petrini, and the gastronomes that helped make it a global crusade.
DELHI'S very own nihari , kababs , tikkas and kulchas have won the hearts of gastronomes across the world.
In Paris, a city of gastronomes, they taKe no such risK.
FESTIVAL 23 August - 8 September Gastronomes hold on to your chef hats - the EAT
Nature lovers should head out on a whale-watching tour, while gastronomes will have no shortage of places to eat and drink.
Numerous up-and-coming gastronomes have had to pass the ultimate litmus test put to them by a hiring executive chef: "Fry this egg.
com is serving up a range of culinary delights in the UAE and gastronomes have reason to rejoice.
That's led Vienna tourism director Norbert Kettner to call for an end to the Sierra Leone campaign, describing it as "an attempt by certain gastronomes to reduce service using the excuse of a charity action.
The village has something for every member of the family and the range and quality of skiing within easy reach is unmatched; then there's the unrivalled traditional mountain and modern French cuisine offered at the local restaurants which are a delight for gastronomes.
In the first episode, Raymond Blanc - the hungry Frenchman in question - headed home to Franche-Comte to discover more about his culinary heritage, visit the people who inspired him (including feisty 89-year-old Maman Blanc) and cook for his family, friends and local gastronomes.
mathematician who used to work for Microsoft is hoping to win over Gallic gastronomes, as he takes his "modernist" cooking methods to the home of traditional gourmet cuisine.
Its range of red and white Rhne wines is something to which great gastronomes pay great homage.