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a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

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Spurzheim records that "physiologists regard smell as a completion or a finer and higher degree of taste," and by 1825 the self-styled gastronomer, Jean Brillat-Savarin, would claim that "smell and taste are in fact but a single composite sense, whose laboratory is the mouth and its chimney the nose; or to speak more exactly, in which the mouth performs the degustation of tactile bodies, and the nose the degustation of gases.
New marketing trends can be set in a modern and stylish way to appeal to gastronomers and at the point of sale, promoting attractive products in a fresh design.
In conversations between Allen and Floyd, in which beer, wine, spirits and cigarette packets are to the fore, Floyd dismisses the modern generation of TV gastronomers as "a bunch of a***holes".
Gastronomers would be in for a treat here also with a morning and evening buffet full of treats fit for a king.