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a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

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This joint stylishly continues the trend for restaurants with delis attached - always useful after a three-course meal - although quite why they have bothered with the food counter at a restaurant which is only a few doors down from Conran's huge Bluebird gastronome of produce is still a bit of a mystery.
I'll bet even a gastronome with a jaded palate would be transported by Rhug's "roast-of-the-day bap" scoffed at a rough wooden table surrounded by acres of wilderness with the Berwyns as the artwork on the wall.
Ilm stars scramble for Oscars, musicians dream of a Grammy award, and restaurateurs awake each morning hoping to somehow win the praise of gastronome Egon Ronay.
The gastronome, who founded Egon Ronay's food guides in 1957, complained that economy-class food is unacceptable.
Here, the culinary master from Stratford-upon-Avon must summon all his skill from a 35-year career as he goes head-to-head with fellow gastronome Galton Blackiston.
The Hungarian gastronome told the Western Mail the number of high-quality restaurants in Wales had come as a 'great surprise' to him.
Child, the celebrated gastronome, cook, author and twinkling television personality who lifted America out of the kitchen doldrums, passed away early Friday morning at the age of 91.
Gastronome Egon Ronay also came to Delia's rescue, describing her approach as "extremely useful".
A gastronome from the South West, fed up with paying out for mediocre pub roasts, has come up with a scientific formula to make the perfect pork crackling.
The gastronome, now in his 70s, says they were handed out by former owners of the guides whom he claims failed to meet his high standards.
The celebrated gastronome attacked the way Francesco and Enrica Mattioli ran their restaurant in the first series of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares but didn't expect the backlash from the couple.
On my tombstone, I would like it to say, `Best before' and the date I died'' Sir Clement Freud, gastronome, bon viveur and former Liberal MP
For the gastronome, Ye Olde Bulls Head Inn, whose bedrooms are named after characters from Dickens's novels, has a huge following and makes the most of local produce in its brasserie and restaurant.
Such has been the rise and rise of food culture in Merseyside that you wont struggle to find the perfect present for the gastronome in your life this Christmas.
This instalment finds the gastronome in the city of Ravenna, where he discovers Piadinas, a thin Italian flatbread street food dating back to Roman times.