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protective secretion of the mucus membranes

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Gastric mucus is well known to play an important role in mucosal protection, as it is continuously secreted to remove pathogens and lubricate the epithelium as material passes through (Ensign et al.
pylori resides within biofilm overlying and within gastric mucus.
13) NAC is known to reduce the thickness of gastric mucus in rats.
Adherent gastric mucus content was also found to be significantly increased in all the standard drugs treated groups.
It inhibits gastric acidity by increasing gastric mucus secretion (Guha and Ghosh 1995).
Study on the increment of the production of gastric mucus in rats treated with Opuntia ficus indica (L.
The gastric mucus was measured according to the method modified by Corne et al.
pentaphyllum possesses gastroprotective potential related to the preservation of gastric mucus synthesis and secretion.
The gastric mucus coating is thought to be important in both preventin g damage and in facilitating the repair of gastric epithelium (Whittle, 1977).
2] release from mucus cells, as well as its effects on the amount of gastric mucus and on the healing of acetic acid-induced gastric ulcers.