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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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In the present study, degenerative changes in columnar epithelial cells, vacuolated basal region, brush border disappearance, top plate thinning, distortion in gastric glands and fusion of submucosa with mucosal folds were frequently observed pathological alterations in stomach of A.
At the deeper part of the mucosa (>60 [micro]m), the collagen fiber mesh separated individual gastric glands (Figure 3, A).
Excretory/Secretory products of Haemonchus contortus inhibit aminopyrine accumulation by rabbit gastric glands in vitro.
Spirochetes in the gastric glands of macacus rhesus and of man without related diseases.
Colonization of the mucosa by the bacterium leads to chronic inflammation and loss of gastric glands responsible for the production of acid, leading to an atrophic gastritis.
Pathology showed crypt dropout of the gastric glands, consistent with mild GVHD.
Gastric glands have not been observed in this specimen.
muris is a parasite first identified in the gastric glands of mice (2).
The invaders then tuck themselves away in fingerlike gastric glands in the abomasum, the true stomach of ruminants such as cattle.
These supplements contain ingredients which improve gastric glands, muscles and nerves in stomach.
The gastric glands in between the gastric are branched tubular glands compactly arranged and characterized by various types of cells Pyloric part Epithelium has got lots It is made up of loose of stomach of gastric pits lined by connective tissue columnar cells.